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Friday, October 7, 2011

It came to my attention recently through several sources that anyone who still works for Del Norte County Schools would be in danger of losing their job if they were to share any stories or memories of Kegan in this blog.

Sadly, this defeated the whole purpose of having this blog up and running: Kegan's family is going through a difficult time and wanted the joy and pleasure of reading about how their special and funny little boy made other people happy, touched their lives, or earned a place in their memories.

I get that litigation is a common thing now. I get that people file lawsuits at the drop of a hat over just about everything. It's sad and unfortunate. In the school system, where confidentiality especially with children who have special needs is extremely important, they need to be extra careful. I get that. However, no one is asking for private information about Kegan. His family doesn't want to hear about his diagnosis... they already know what it is. They want to hear about a day that Kegan did something silly, or touched someone's heart, or did something amazing and fabulous. They want to have those memories, cherish those memories and share those memories with Kegan. Kegan wasn't able to come home from school and say, "Guess what I did today!" They have to rely on those who cared for Kegan and spent time with Kegan to be his voice and to tell about his day.

I'm so disappointed in the school district for taking that away from them. So sad that they felt the need to threaten job termination if an employee wanted to give the gift of a smile to the family of a child that they care so much about.

Shame on you, Del Norte County Schools.