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Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Look At My Life Lately...

Have I mentioned that I'm really amazingly cool? Because I totally am. Share your stories about my awesomeness on my blog! Email them to Dani at so she can share them here and Mom and Dad can read them to me. Love, Kegan

I'm pretty sure no one notices that I find her tiny hands so sweet and soft. Maybe if I just sit here holding her hand, no one will notice... I mean, she's not quite as fun as a laundry basket or an elephant, or even youtube, but she does have her moments.

For some reason Mom and Dad decided that they hadn't inconvenienced me quite enough so they brought home another sister. Really? Another sister? I explicitly told them I wanted an elephant. She is pretty small, though. And soft. I guess she's okay.

This is me last summer with my service dog, Everett. I was watching my brother Charlie play hockey. Obviously, I'm thrilled with the whole thing. So is Everett. And Charles.

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  1. HAHAHA!!!! The picture and story of Kegan and Everet getting ready to watch Charles play hockey is GREAT!!!! I took Charles to hockey once. I know all about this.


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