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Friday, September 16, 2011

Magic Moments

What makes Kegan Lovin' so special? Because the moment that he gives it to you, you know he's connected, it's real, and he truly loves you. This beautiful moment of Kegan giving his mom, Wendy, some precious, precious lovin' is priceless. It brought tears to my eyes. Kegan's family's love for him is so deep and unconditional that it transcends his autism. Kegan knows he is loved. Kegan feels that love, and most amazingly, he noticeably returns that love. He hugs, he kisses, he seeks out Mom and Dad (and even me sometimes... *bliss*) for special moments of cuddling and closeness.

Thank you so much to Carlene Lacy of Mamarazzi photography in Crescent City, CA, for this magical photo. It captures Kegan's love and happiness with his mommy so perfectly.

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