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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday, Kegan!!

Phoebe's photo-shop assignment that she did just for Kegan... her playing basketball with an elephant.  Three of the things Kegan loves most in this world!  Phoebe, elephants, and she's holding a can of soda!  Win, win, win, birthday boy!!

Kegan's first true love (after his mommy) was his one on one aide, Phoebe.  Phoebe is a beautiful young woman who has an amazing gift to connect with all children, especially those with special needs.  When I was working with Kegan his first year in preschool, Phoebe was working with another child.  When we would be out at recess, Kegan would press his face against the chain link fence around the playground and wait for Phoebe to walk by, which she did pretty much every day.  She would talk to him and he would smile and giggle and say "Buh!" (his way of saying "Bye" which he usually only did as an indication that he was ready to go home, thank you very much).

It was love at first sight... for both of them.

Today is Kegan's 10th birthday and Phoebe sent me some stories to share about some of her adventures with Kegan.

For your birthday, Mr. Boy... two of your favorite things:  Phoebe and Elephants (she made the picture just for you!)

Crazy Pants
I brought Kegan to speech one day in Kindergarten. I casually warned his speech teacher that Kegan had his crazy pants on, and went back to the classroom. 30 minutes later I went back to speech to pick him up. She told me, “WOW, what is with those pants? He sure was acting crazy today.” 
I laughed and laughed as I explained to her that “crazy pants” was just a term I used to explain that he was having a silly day.

Kegan's version of Bribery
When Kegan was being overstimulated in the classroom I would take him on a walk to calm down. If he was being a little naughty, I would give him a “break” in the hallway. He would sit in his chair for a few minutes, wind down, and then we would follow with a walk or go back to class. One day I put him in the chair outside the classroom and as always, do my best to ignore him. He usually acts silly, but this time said my name. “BEEBEE!” Being mostly nonverbal with out his communication device I was so excited!!!!! I was jumping up and down hugging him!!! While hugging him I said, “ I am so excited that you said my name… but you are still in trouble!”

Micah and Kegan – The Marriage Test
Wendy and Zach used to take vacations and let me stay with the kids for a few days. Usually it was just me, now when I was dating Micah he wanted to join. This was a big clue that he was a keeper.
First reason to keep him: Venice and I left him alone with Kegan and Charles to go get pizza and he survived.
Second Reason: While we were gone he almost tried to change Kegan’s pull up. Kegan was eight at this time and we won’t go into details for your sake.
Third reason: He still had a very positive attitude in the end being more in love with me and the wonderful Going kids. 
Kegan is the best husband test out there. 
(We love Kegan so much that he was going to be a ring bare with Charles and Everette (the dog) at our wedding. He moved two weeks before the wedding so it wasn't able to happen. But Charles stepped up and handled it for his big brother.)


  1. i'm shannon, i lived across the street from kegan, i also got to have moments with kegan. He would take me by the hand and sit me down, climb on my lap and i would rub his back as he smiled and rocked back and forth. He is one of the sweetest boys ever, i miss him alot and hope he gets all the good things in life he deserves. I feel very lucky to be apart of his loving side. He loves touching hair, so i tried to keep mine soft. haha Thank you dani and wendy for introducing me to the BEST KID EVER!!!!

  2. love the stories!!! and the pic "beebee"


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